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Leslie Rainey said:   March 12, 2014 1:48 pm PST
Would love to be told of upcoming shows you will be showing your art. Would love to sometime meet and possibly have a piece made!

Kathleen said:   January 30, 2014 9:46 pm PST
Thank you for introducing me to your artwork Mark. I had not seen this style before. You and Julia are both very talented. Thank you also for helping me mend at PT. Blessings to you and your family in 2014. Kathleen

Kevin Chambers said:   November 2, 2013 11:24 am PST
Thank you for the care you both provided me during my knee surgery earlier this week. I've reviewed your work on the website and I look forward to seeing it in person. Perhaps we can attend your upcoming Astoria show. Please keep us posted. Kevin & Carla Chambers, Amity, OR

Nancy Reed and Kim Hodges said:   October 28, 2013 9:57 am PST
Hi Mark and Julia, Your piece "Bridges" has a place of honor in our home (we just e mailed you the picture). We so enjoyed meeting you both and were excited to see we even got about out on your website. We tell all our friends and family how wonderful you both (along with Patricia) were to let us come take the piece right off your wall on our way from the Oregon coast back home to Boulder. As others have posted, we love your work. Please keep us on the mailing list if you have any workshops or classes. We see your piece everyday and smile because we got to meet you both. THANK YOU! Nancy and Kim

Amy-Lee.Hollier said:   October 17, 2013 5:37 pm PST
Hello :) I am a student completing my last high school year this year in South Australia and am happy to say that your encaustic works have been a source of inspiration in my own encaustic endeavours. I have looked through your photo albums and gallery and must say that you both do an amazing job, especially since wax can be such a tricky medium to master (as I have found with my own attempts this year). Thankyou for having a website so young artists like myself can source inspiration from people who are clearly very talented. :)

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